Country: Canada!

Nicknames: Maxlock

Years riding: 10 years.

Best day ever: The best day ever was the last day I had in Whistler this past summer!! It was sunny and warm and all my friends were up there riding with me, we just had a lot of fun and didn't worry about filming.

Favourite Trick: A casual front board on a down rail.

Shout outs: Thanks to everyone along the way who has helped me out. Maria Ferr├ęs at EMA! Matt Konings, Daryl Trinidad, and Phil Macmillan at Spy! Patrick Wilson from Artec! My parents, everyone at Fathom Boardshop, Ryan Shanks from Jones soda, Brad Broughton who helped me out with Camp of champions this year, and anyone else I have forgotten to mention!

What do you do when you are not snowboarding: I like to dabble with photography! Hiking and generally being outside in the summer months. Pirating things off the interweb.

What makes you smile: My friends, family and my girlfriend and my dogs. :)


Max Wharin -Whistler 2012- from MaxWharin on Vimeo.