Country: Austria

Nicknames: uuuu Holly Molly Nooooo i got tones of really badass nicknames .......You know sometimes it happened, when i´m driving behind a Dutch Car which moves very slowly on the way too the glacier, yeah than im turning into scarymÄrY and all my Friends dont wanna sit in the same car...muuuaahh

When im hating on nike(don´t do it) or sugarWater than they call me SatanMary

But Im not really into that nicknames, got also some nice onece like marysun,maryjane,maryluuuuu,smoky, lazyluuggen

Years Riding : Now i got my 8years full

Best day ever: Last year Kaunertal and all day´s with my buddies on the board

Favorite trick: hardway bs 180 on Or bs Nosepress

Shout out: Karma is only a bitch if you are .....Save the mountains my Friend

What do you do when you are not snowboarding?. Skating .. haning with my friends and of course Working!!

No Money no honey.

What makes you smile: Music .. my good old Friends, nature just enjoy it, make the best out of every single day. One life no chance! life is tough enough ..laughing is healthy